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Kamikoto Knives Giveaway

Time For A Kamikoto Knives Giveaway: A Review and A Sweepstakes All In One

kamikoto knives
You heard it right, folks! Kamikoto is offering a giveaway for their knives, knives that are valued at more than $1200. Before we get into the actual giveaway, we want to speak about the knives themselves. We feel it is important that people know what they are getting when they win something like this.
The Kamikoto knives are like any other high-end knife set. They go through testing too. The size of the knife set ranges in size from 5 inches to 9 inches. It is worth mentioning that the size is based on the blade, not the knife itself. Sometimes people confuse the two. That is why we are taking the time to mention it before we get into the details. Below we have a list of pros and cons that customers need to be aware of.
Keep in mind the set includes everything from a meat cleaver to a utility knife.

The Pros:

knives giveaway1) The knives are well-balanced. They are also very heavy. Some have compared them to German knives, only tougher. The blades are cut in a slender way. That will give you precision without being flimsy every time you cut something.

2) The steel blades are super strong. How strong? They are heated at 1100 Celsius for more than 3 hours. Then they are annealed for 2 hours at 200 Celsius.

3) The handles are bred from G-10 durability using glass fibers. You have a good grip when you hold them. The handles are wide at the top and thin toward the bottom.

4) The bolster offers a smooth grip without any harshness or rough edges.

The Cons:

1) The one downside with the steel is that it is softer than other knives. Most high-end knives are made with W├╝sthof. This knife set is made with HRC53+/-2. People who know knives say that the lower specification is just a technicality. In other words, the lower specifications are not going to hinder your goals in the kitchen. You can still cook up a storm and get the same outcome.

The GiveAway

The sweepstakes are unfortunately closed at this point. A girl named Leslie won the knife set. Congratulations, Leslie! We hope the knives serve you well.