Moving is stressful

Moving is always stressful. Even a move across the street can be 2357759151_a5fffcaca4_bscary. I was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is a fun place. You have easy access to all kinds of wonderful things including beaches, fabulous pizza and lots of people from all different backgrounds. The borough even has a zoo and a lovely botanical garden. What it does not have are animals. Okay a few pigeons here and there but that’s about it. The average resident of Brooklyn has not smelled a skunk, seen an eagle or heard the call of a mockingbird, let alone been up close with deer or witnessed a stork in mid-flight.

So when I decided to move from Brooklyn to the suburbs of Denver, it was with a bit of trepidation. I liked the new spacious house with the bathrooms and the trees. I liked having a bit of space between me and every single neighbor. What I found shocking was not the fact that people drive everywhere — and I do mean everywhere as some people will drive to the library that is a mere four blocks away. What I found shocking was my face to face confrontations with animals. I was not expecting this. I was expecting neighbors of the tall, dark and handsome variety, not neighbors of the small, furry and slightly creepy variety.

In the years since I have lived in this place, I have learned what I need to know become adept and identifying wildlife that needs to be removed and wildlife that can easily be left alone. For example, squirrel removal only needs to take place if the squirrel is dead. Any squirrel that is running around is not dead and can be left alone. Any squirrel that 2021808_0c8dec6cneeds to be removed also needs to removed by a professional removal company if possible. Professionals have been dealing with this situation for many years. They know how to remove a squirrel and then dispose of the body properly. I am not a professional and neither are most people.

The same is true of many other kinds of wildlife. Wildlife may look harmless and even cuddly. I love seeing foxes and coyotes walk around. They’re very pretty animals. Other animals such as deer are also quite nice to look even if still shocks me that they’re taller than I am. However, most animals should not be approached in any way. They are wild animals. A fox may look like lovely but it is not a dog. The coyote may remind you of your favorite cat but bigger, and you need to remember that it is a very dangerous animal and should not be approached unless you really know what you’re doing. When a wild animal enters your home, you need to call the professionals from Denver Wildlife Removal. They have a knowledgable staff that will safely remove ANY pest from your home.  -annoying little sisters do not count.