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Close your eyes and imagine this scene. Honshu, Japan, over 800 years ago, the clashing of steel, the intense heat of the forge, the never ending quest for precision and perfection, then out of furnace is born one of the finest blades man could ever make. Open your eyes and realize that the untamed spirit of excellence still lives, and it lives within one company of knife makers. Never straying from their timeless tradition, master knife smiths forge masterpiece after masterpiece with a technique passed down from countless generations, all in an effort to create the perfect knife every time. This is a craft that cannot be imitated. This is a craft that cannot be replicated. This is the craft of Kamikoto.


Based in Tokyo, Kamikoto had always viewed the craft of knife making as a true skill and thus wanted to create a knife that truly reflected the ancient art form and would set the precedent for what all knives should be. It was, then, only natural for the company to seek out the finest smiths in Japan for guidance on how to create a knife that would live up to that caliber. With the assistance of these masters, they sought to create a single bevel Japanese steel knife, a quality knife fit for the use of master chefs and for the collections of knife enthusiasts across the globe, and they did just that, with vision, determination, and tradition so thick you could cut it with one of their knives.

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No Place Like Home

Now all of this may sound like a gimmick. They probably don’t even get their steel from Japan, right? Guess what, there’s no gimmicks and no outside sources. Kamikoto knives are made from genuine Honshu steel, the very same steel that was used to make katanas 800 years ago. That speaks volumes for the quality of this knife. This steel is given some serious heat and strengthened, removing any flexibility, which allows the knife to keep its edge longer and to be sharpened well. It goes without saying that you should keep it out of range of children, or anyone you don’t trust.

A Clear Cut Conclusion

From now on, when you think of quality, tradition, and true craftsmanship, let your mind rest in the heart of Japan, where there is honor in excellence and excellence in everything they do, when it comes to knives, that excellence is found in Kamikoto. Never will another blade of that caliber be forged by hand such as the Kamikoto knife. This, of course, was only a small slice of Kamikoto’s excellence. In the next article, we’re going to dive deeper into what makes a Kamikoto knife a Kamikoto knife and how well the world receives these master knife smiths. The more in depth we go, the more you will love this knife. Don’t ever settle for less, because you can’t put a price on real quality and Kamikoto is quality.

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